Love Your Hair Regardless!

Hair Enve Fam!!

I wanted to speak a little bit about the love for your hair. We tend to not like things about our hair, no matter what it is; why is that? If we are curly, we want straight. If we are straight, we want curly. If we have shrinkage, we wish we didn't. The ones who do not have shrinkage are admiring the ones who do. If we have a relaxer, we'll say, "I would love to try wearing my hair natural, but going natural ain't for me." Then there are the ones in the middle of the "transition" who straddle the fence and admire both sides and cant make up their minds. I say all this to say, LOVE YOUR HAIR REGARDLESS!

Always know, your journey is your journey. What flows for you, flows for you. You, not loving your hair is like saying, "God, why didn't you give me something better?" We do not want to admit it, but that is exactly what we are saying?

That's why it's important to have a licensed stylist who can speak with you about your hair. Encourage, Empower, Educate and Celebrate whatever styles you choose for your hair and lifestyle. Build that rapport with your stylist, that when you have a weak moment about your hair, he/she can pull you out of that rut. He/She can speak truth that will bring you back and help you realize that your crown is your glory.

Take the time to learn about YOUR hair and listen to your stylist when he/she shares important information with you about your hair. Product knowledge is very important. Know what products your stylist is using. Focus on water intake, clean eating and proper maintenance of your hair (consistent salon visits and proper prep for bed time). Do all these things and you will see results that will have you appreciate your hair!


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